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By Tom Haines

An adventure on foot across America's energy terrain, from oil patch to solar field.

Can we get from today to tomorrow?

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"What a fine project! This book will give you a useful sense of the scale of our energy enterprise and help you understand the choices that lie ahead."

Bill McKibben,

author of 

The End of Nature

"If you want to understand where your energy comes from and the individuals whose work turns fossil fuels - or sunlight - into the energy you use every day, this is the book."

Meera Subramanian,

author of

A River Runs Again

"A compelling, informative, and humane read, at boot level, of our nation's energy addiction."

Paul Salopek,

author of 

Oil Safari: In Search

of the Source of

America's Fuel

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Welcome to the online home for Walking to the Sun, a book that tells the story of my odyssey on foot across landscapes of fuel, a personal attempt to reconnect to nature as a way to understand our energy crisis. The journey opens with a reckoning of today, moving through a North Dakota oil field, Pennsylvania gas country, and the open-pit coal mines of Wyoming's Powder River Basin. And it moves on to an exploration of tomorrow, along the tidal coast of Maine, on the windswept plains of Texas, and in California's sun-struck desert. Step by step, exposed in nature, I hope to overcome the insulation of our industrial times and find understanding about how we live on Earth in the face of a growing climate crisis.

The story I tell in Walking to the Sun is full of human encounters - with roustabouts working on an oil rig, farmers tilling fields beneath wind turbines, and many others - but also of the meditative range that arrives with solitude far from home.

I'd love to connect and hear your thoughts about energy, the environment, and where we go from here. You can reach me via Twitter or Facebook. Thanks for stopping by.

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If you want to support a great local bookseller near my home in New Hampshire, order a copy online from Water Street Bookstore. If you want me to sign it, make a note in the 'order comment' field, and I'll stop by and add a few words before they send it out.

And you can buy it from Amazon here.

You will find the book stocked at Barnes & Noble and other major retailers, or ask for it at your local book shop.


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